Global Trade Development Week (GTDW), now into its 19th edition, provides a connecting platform to global trade stakeholders to explore opportunities to facilitate and increase sustainable and seamless cross border trade and to detect and counter illicit trade by: - Collaborating and linking existing initiatives - Sharing resources and best practices - Identifying commonalities and... Continue Reading →

Global turbulence: The case for caution

The fact that ongoing global events continue to raise concerns across the business world was the lead topic at GTR’s Commodities 2019 conference in Geneva, where the GTPA argued the case for caution in the face of uncertainty and disruption. Whether observing events from a macro perspective or more granularly from a country or industry-based... Continue Reading →

GTPA was delighted to host a roundtable session at the #AOM2019 conference in Boston on Emerging sustainability standards – How SCM scholars can get involved

The informal café session was moderated by Dayna Simpson from Monash University and we were joined by Anne Quarshie from LUT University of Technology (Finland) and Zhaohui Wu from Oregon State University as part of the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management to host a session on Emerging sustainability standards - How SCM... Continue Reading →

Engagement Opportunity: GTPA Inclusive Trade White Paper

The Global Trade Professionals Alliance is developing an Inclusive Trade White Paper that will produce practical recommendations on how capacity building and standard setting can facilitate a more inclusive international trading ecosystem. Inclusive trade refers to the principle that all levels of society should gain from increased trade. It promotes the inclusion of groups that... Continue Reading →

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